Me, my co-pilot who is also an autopilot

Who is stronger?

I don’t own the right to use this image. Ask me and I will take it down.


I have often felt that I am not the one controlling my actions. You may have also felt in a similar manner, that when you look back at your past action, you will think, “Why did I do that”, “Why did I say that”, and “Why am I like this”.


Think of the Main Pilot as someone who does not have a memory. The Main Pilot wants to observe, play with things and enjoy life.

Scene — 1

You are just born. I believe the only thing we would know would be

  • to laugh
  • to observe
  • to cry


If you have felt that you are not the one controlling your actions, it is simply because you were not the one driving the vehicle. It was in auto-pilot mode. You may have tried to take the wheel, but the auto-pilot was stronger.



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Roshan Joy

I don't believe there is a right thing to do or wrong thing to do at any point "with" life. Just enjoy It.